Another transfer…but not for me

Written by admin on April 7th, 2009

¡Hola familia!

How’s it going? How was conference? I liked it a lot. Boy, General Conference has never gone by so fast. We had a fair amount of success getting people to come as well. 16 people that were not members showed up to various sessions, which was less than we were hoping for; but we made the mission goal of 15. My favorite by far was Elder Bednar’s talk about temples. There were several other talks that I really liked as well but Elder Bednar’s talk was in a league of its own for me. Partly because it was a really good talk and partly because it’s perfect for me to use to teach the members and several of our investigators that are having trouble understanding where their focus should be. We were in all 5 sessions and I watched all but the Sunday morning one in English. The reason I watched the Sunday morning session in Spanish is because apparently that’s the only one that anyone goes to around here because during that one the entire building was packed; so they needed the TV we were using so that everyone could watch. At the other sessions we didn’t break 50— with the exception of the priesthood session—which had about 150. I did understand what was said in the Sunday morning session, but I didn’t get as much out of it because I was surrounded by a bunch of little kids that wouldn’t be quiet (shocker I know); so it was hard to pay attention. Oh yeah, I took notes. I only took two pages for the entire conference but that’s pretty good for me because I don’t take notes for anything. I took notes because I figured I won’t be getting the conference edition of the Ensign for about 3 months, and there were things said that I want to teach now.

I have known about the awesome new Spanish Bible for a while but I didn’t know when it was coming out so thanks for that info. The Spanish Bible we have now isn’t very good. There isn’t a very reliable translation of the Bible for Spanish and none of them have the awesome cross referencing stuff and Bible dictionary like we have. There is a small Bible dictionary in the book of Mormon but its not nearly as good; and between that and the lack of cross references, when I study the scriptures in Spanish I have to do it with my English scriptures open as well.

I caught the end of the LDS World Report and they were talking about a book with church art called “No Greater Call” that looks really cool. Naturally it’s not available here even though it was made so that people in countries like Ecuador could get their hands on good visual aids. I think it would make a very good birthday present if you know what I mean.

The rest of the week passed pretty normal. By the way, I can’t believe you named the dog Buffy. That’s such a dumb name. I will never call it Buffy. Not that it matters much because I’m not going to have a lot of contact with her, but it’s the principle of the thing that counts. Buffy is a terrible name. I’m calling it Almuerzo.

Well I think that covers everything. Except that really important detail that you think I forgot to mention. Is it killing you? Are you dying of anticipation? Did I stay or did I go? Will I egg this on much longer? Yeah I think I will. Or maybe I just won’t tell you this week. That would be funny. But then my next email would just be about how I should be nicer to mom so it’s probably in my best interest to tell you now. Ok here it is. I have another change in Babahoyo. Pretty anticlimactic huh? I did get a new companion though. His name is Elder Martinez. Elder Alferez got transferred to Pedro cabo. Jerk. Elder Martinez is a pretty cool guy. Unfortunately he also likes to have a clean house. Don’t ask me why, he just does. Elder Fuentemavida, Elder Alferez, and I all like to have a “pretty clean” house but Elder Martinez lives a much higher standard than “pretty clean”. We were cleaning the house until 2 in the afternoon. It was terrible. My testimony of how much I hate cleaning was reaffirmed. I even had to clean the bathroom. Other than that he seems like a pretty cool guy, and I think we are going to have a lot of success this change. Honestly I’m not that sad to stay in Babahoyo because I do like my sector and there are several people that I would really like to see get baptized.

Well that’s all for now; hope you enjoyed your week and that you enjoy the next one as well. And to all you people out there who are reading my blog—write me a letter!

Talk to you next week, and do good things.

Te quiero,

Elder Walke

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