April 21st, 2009

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Elder Martinez Meets with a Motorcycle

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

¡Hola familia!

Wow. I have got some stories for you guys this week. I am going to switch things up a bit and answer all of the questions from your emails and stuff first because once I get started on my week I’m not going to be able to talk about much else. First off I want to set the record straight. I still hate cleaning. Dad seems a bit confused about that so I just want it to be known that if there were two of me in the house, much less cleaning would get done. I don’t have a good excuse for the planning sessions though. I don’t enjoy them but I do have them.

I am slightly surprised to hear that Buffy the vampire slayer is still hanging around even after having several accidents in the house. She [mom] must really like that dog. Or maybe she has just gone really crazy.

I’m not around to make fun of Kayla right now so if you guys could dance around her and sing, “Kayla’s got a boy friend, Kayla’s got a boy friend,” a couple times a day, I would appreciate it.

I’m not really studying anything specific right now. I pretty much just spend about 15 min reading the scriptures and preparing for lessons and I use the rest to memorize scriptures. By the way I have 15 more scriptures and “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” until I’m done. Yeah I totally memorized “The Living Christ” last week. Feel free to bask in my glory.

Ok that covers the other stuff, now for my week. It started out pretty normal but Thursday night Elder Martinez started complaining about his ear, so he called the office and they told him what to buy (no need for prescriptions here)—not a big deal. But then the next morning he noticed that his ear was bleeding. We talked it over and decided that it was a bad thing and that it warranted another call to the office. Sister Gamboa agreed with our theory that it’s usually not good when your ear bleeds, and so we had to head down to Guayaquil so we could see a decent doctor. Anyway the doctor took care of it; it wasn’t a big deal, but we did loose the entire day which hurts when we are always running on such a tight schedule.

But wait it gets better—Saturday we were walking near the road and Elder Martinez got hit by a motorcycle. Here is the story:  We were just walking along near the road (notice I said near and not on) and I happen to look behind me, not for any particular reason, I just felt like it. And I saw a motorcycle right behind me so I freaked out and jumped out of the way, but Elder Martinez didn’t have time to react, so he got hit on the right side of his hip and thrown into the road. I have no idea why the guy was driving on the dirt; the road wasn’t crowded. Anyway Elder Martinez face planted into the road and broke his nose pretty bad. The guy on the motorcycle was fine and drove off. I thought about hitting him but Elder Martinez was bleeding pretty bad so I let him go. A taxi stopped, but he was just there out of curiosity, and when I asked him to take us to the hospital he told me he didn’t want blood all over his car. Honestly this is the only part in the whole event were I can say that I was scared. I don’t know why but I felt like if I could just get Elder Martinez in the car everything would work out. I decided that delicate negotiations would work best so I told the taxi driver to stop being an idiot and I put Elder Martinez in the car before he could drive away. The taxi driver took us to the hospital which turned out to be really low quality; they were using old Gatorade bottles as disinfectant containers. And they put a few stitches in Elder Martinez. They only put 6 stitches total in him:  three on his eyebrow and three on his nose. They did a pretty hack job of it too. He’s going to have some really nasty looking scars. Anyway, after I got Elder Martinez settled, I had to leave him and go a couple blocks to call President Gamboa, and about 10 min later our bishop and the stake president were there taking care of paper work and stuff. Elder Martinez got his nose messed up pretty bad so we had to head down to Guayaquil that night, even though it was pretty late by the time we could leave. We ended up taking a taxi for $40, which is pretty big when you consider that we live on $40 a week. So we spent Saturday and Sunday night in Guayaquil. I’m back in Babahoyo now with another companion; his name is Elder Cruz. Elder Martinez may come back to Babahoyo in a week or so, but he may not be coming back to this sector. It depends on how fast he heals. As of a few hours ago his nose was still bleeding, so I’m not so sure. It hasn’t stopped bleeding since the accident. We happened to have had baptisms that night so I had my camera with me, and Elder Martinez asked me to take pictures. I’m only going to upload two of them. One of the table with all of the doctors equipment—so that you can see how messed up the hospital here is—and another picture of Elder Martinez after he got patched up. The rest are pretty bad looking so I don’t think I will be sending them.

All of this has created a pretty big work load for me because we now have three days without work here; plus I have a new companion; plus the whole zone has a big meeting with the stake president on Wednesday; Thursday is zone conference; Friday we have a ward activity that we need to prepare for; Saturday we have baptisms; and Sunday there are national elections, so we are not allowed to work Sunday night. Its looking like this upcoming week will probably be the hardest week of my mission so far. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do all that needs to be done here. Not only that but my new companion isn’t a zone leader; he’s just a junior companion like me with only a couple months more time. It’s weird but with all the stuff that happened, I never did get scared. I guess I was shell shocked or something, but other than that brief moment when I wasn’t sure if I could get us a ride to the hospital and I was watching Elder Martinez sitting by the road bleeding, I didn’t freak out at all. We even had the two baptisms we were supposed to have Saturday night. We just had the bishop head over to the church and take care of it, so they did it all without our help. Well, I think that covers everything. Oh yeah, I got my Easter package; the food and pictures are awesome. Thanks for the gold fish; I missed gold fish. Oh, and happy birthday on Friday mom.

Te quiero,
Elder Walke