April 28th, 2009

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A Trio of Elders

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

¡Hola familia!

Wow was that a stressful week. And what’s worse is that I just found out none of my letters seem to be reaching their destinations. Please tell all of the people that wrote me letters and didn’t get a response that I really did write them back. That’s really irritating. I was wondering why nobody would ever write me back. Geez that’s annoying.

I had not heard about the swine flu at all but it doesn’t sound good. If it ever makes its way down here it will probably become a serious problem because there are only two good hospitals that I know of and they are both in Guayaquil. So if something big hits there is no way they will be able to help much; not that many people could possibly afford either of the two.

Well onward with the letter. There’s nothing I can do about that anyway. First off, Elder Martinez is fine. He is back in Babahoyo for now but tomorrow he has to go to Guayaquil and find out if he needs to get surgery because he can only breathe out of one part of his nose right now. I can’t remember the medical term for what’s wrong with him because they told it to me in Spanish, “r” something I think. Meh. The important thing is that I understood when they were talking about what was wrong. Elder Cruz is still hanging around as well. We are a trio until the end of the change. Remember that activity I told you about before—that we had Friday? Yeah it was a flop. The bishop didn’t announce it Sunday because we were not around to remind him (we were in Guayaquil at the time). I figured I could make up for it by printing a lot of invitations up and talking to all the members about it; so I spent a couple days doing that but in the end only about 40 people showed up and they were all members of the church. So it was basically a complete failure.

Thursday we had the zone conference and that went pretty well. They are never really exciting. As it turns out knowing Spanish really has not helped me stay awake. They are just as boring when you know what’s going on. President Gamboa thanked me for everything I did for Elder Martinez. I didn’t do much but he seems to think otherwise.

Saturday we had more baptisms. Two kids that slipped though the cracks and never got baptized at age eight, and a guy named Galo Reyes. He’s 25 and tried to get baptized before but he was living with a girl and couldn’t get married because, guess what? He needed a divorce. Getting a divorce is pretty much impossible here; it can take up to 6 years. So the missionaries had stopped teaching him about a year ago, but we found him in our area book so we went and visited him. As it turned out he had split up with the girl a few months ago, so there was nothing stopping him from getting baptized. He still needs to get divorced if he ever wants to get married, but he met the requirements for baptism. We went to the primary on Sunday and asked all the kids if they were baptized or not and then afterwards we checked the computer system and we officially have no active members over the age of 8 who are not baptized.

In case you are wondering why my email is coming so late in the day, it’s because Elder Martinez still likes to clean. Before I thought that we were just doing so much cleaning because the house was sort of not very clean, but that wasn’t it. He really really likes to clean. It’s starting to bug me because I really really don’t like to clean. He claims I will feel better once everything is all pretty and perfect, but in reality I just feel slightly annoyed and hungry. (We don’t finish until 1:30ish). Elder Cruz is a cool guy, he’s very laid back but he still works hard. He’s probably my favorite companion so far. He and his family were baptized when he was 15.

Well that’s pretty much it. It wasn’t a big news week I’m afraid—stressful but uninteresting. I think for Mother’s Day we will be doing the same thing that we did for Christmas; just tell me what time you want to call. I don’t know if I’m going to make the deadline for the “maestro”. I still have 8 more scriptures and The Proclamation to go and only 2 weeks to finish it all.

Talk to you soon, stay safe and stuff.

Te quiero,

Elder Walke