Latin Music is Growing on Me

Written by admin on August 3rd, 2009

¡Hola familia!

Happy p-day! But it’s not just any p-day, its SUPER p-day. Hurray for cleaning! Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like cleaning. Honestly, we did a pretty serious amount of cleaning last week so we don’t have much to do today. It’s funny because when we were cleaning we found a few things that seem to have been left by sister missionaries, but the sister missionaries moved out over 3 years ago. So I guess now that the apartment is clean enough to pass a mom inspection, nobody will clean it for another three years or more.

Zone conference went well enough. It was almost a week ago so I’m having trouble remembering what happened. I didn’t have to lead the music this time, which was a relief. I did give the closing prayer but that’s not a big deal.

We had a pretty bad teaching week this week. We were working with a couple of lists that the branches gave us, of people that they want us to contact and teach. That’s all fine and good but the directions are terrible. Stuff like “on the hill near tal street” and all sorts of other non specific directions. So there was lots of walking and not much teaching. We already got plenty of flack about our not-so-great numbers, and I’m sure president Gamboa won’t be pleased when he sees them either. On the other hand transfers are next week so we may not have to worry about it. I’m not worried about it anyway; we were working.

I got the package from gammy this week. Which means breakfast this morning was snickers and peanut butter. But don’t worry—I had some fruit too—sort of. Do fruit loops count? Hey, want to hear something weird? Latin music is growing on me. I can’t explain it. I think I’m finally starting to lose it. Maybe it’s because I have been separated from real music for so long. Hey I’m out of stuff to say. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, but it all seems to have left my mind. Meh. It was really just a slow, unpleasant week. I should probably answer mom’s questions to take up more space. Do Ecuadorians eat tortillas? Yes. But Ecuadorian tortillas are different. They are balls of corn bread with cheese in the middle. I have seen Mexican tortillas in the grocery store though. There is a decent amount of bakery type bread around as well; nothing special that you haven’t heard of but it’s pretty good—and only 10 cents a piece. I have not eaten anything weird lately. I did eat some corn jello, which was odd. Oh wait, I ate octopus. I don’t think I mentioned that before. It wasn’t bad but it’s very chewy, kind of like eating rubber. I’m healthy; no lingering dengue problems so don’t worry about that. Hey everyone sent a different funny story about the goofy stuff Andrea said this week. I think my favorite one is when Kayla told Andrea, “I’m cold” and Andrea told her “So? I am not a blanket!” Ha! That’s hilarious. Equally funny was the story of dad explaining where the wind comes from to Andrea and her not understanding dad’s science talk at all. Ok, now I’m out of stuff to say. Next week is transfers so I’m sure that will be interesting. I give me 75% chance of staying here and 25% chance of getting the boot. Well, I’m going to stop writing now. Ciao.

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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