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Written by admin on August 12th, 2009

¡Hola familia!

So I bet you think it’s pretty dumb that I left the name of the city blank on the subject line when the chances of me getting transferred were so slim but hey, I like to keep to tradition. Yep, I got me a new companion. But he didn’t come to Jipijapa, I went to his sector. I got transferred. Pretty weird huh? I’m not all that happy about it either because although Jipijapa was a pain, things were progressing. They should have a lot of baptisms over there if Elder Ruiz ever gets over the shock that I got transferred instead of him and gets to work. It was a weird transfer though because for some reason they decided that they didn’t want to tell anybody where they where going or what the name of their new companion was. They just said, “Be in terminal at Guayaquil at 8 am” and that’s it. Man was that annoying. In order to demonstrate the sheer annoyingness of knowing that you got transferred but not knowing where, I’m going to stall a while longer before telling you where I’m writing from.

Hey, want to hear a cool story? I left my Preach My Gospel manual on the bus when we were headed home from district meeting a couple of weeks ago. The bus that we take goes all the way to Guayaquil so I didn’t think I would ever see it again; neither did anybody else in my zone. But guess what? It came back. It just showed up in the pouch the next week without any note explaining how that miracle was made possible. I was pretty thankful because, with it being so hard for the church to get us supplies these days, it may have been a few months before I could get my hands on another one.

Want to hear an even more miraculous story? This one is really going to blow you away, trust me. Last week the zone leaders did house inspections and guess what? We had the second cleanest house. First place went to the sister missionaries but they don’t even count. Darn girls beat us by 2 points. That my friends is what we in the business call a miracle. I may laugh about it for years to come.

Other than that there isn’t much news to cover from last week. Our iron broke. That was pretty bad. In order to iron my shirts I had to heat up the iron on the grill type thing we have in the house. As it turns out its a lot harder than just plugging in an iron because the stove doesn’t tell you when the iron is just hot enough to do the job (but not so hot it will burn a hole in you shirt). Elder Ruiz managed to burn one of his shirts; I just stayed on the safe side and heated the iron up as little as possible. Luckily it’s not my problem anymore because I got transferred. And you still don’t know where I am. And I’m still not going to tell you. I’m sure most of you couldn’t care less when or if I tell you but I’m sure that it’s at least bugging mom.

I will tell you about the impromptu “English classes” that I started giving in the streets in Jipijapa. A lot of times the kids will shout at us “Hey mister! Speak English!” or some other nonsense. So I started responding by saying “washu wishu”. For some reason the people here think that’s English and often shout it at me in the streets. Anyway, when I say “washu wishu” they get all interested and ask me what that means. So I tell them, “It doesn’t mean anything”. So then if they ask me to say something else in English; I say something to the affect of, “Hey mister. One—Two—Three,” or some other common phrase that they love to shout at us. Then if they persist in their desires to hear me speak English, I start rambling about whatever I feel like talking about in English and after a couple of minutes I finish it with “and now you will all begin to laugh uncontrollably and pretend you understood me.” And guess what? They always do. In case you are wondering, yes, I do crack myself up.

Well I have killed enough time—on to business. Because Manta is so far away from Guayaquil, we had to hop a bus at 4:30 am to get to Guayaquil at 8 am. And because Jipijapa is so far away from Manta, we had to sleep in the zone leaders’ house Sunday night. All of this means that I got about 2 hours of sleep last night and it wasn’t even a very good 2 hours. So I’m pretty tired. And will probably remain so all this week. Then the assistants (APs) were kind enough to refuse to tell me where my next sector was or who my companion was for about an hour and a half. That was a really effective way to annoy me after all the traveling and not sleeping I had just been through. I did see that a few more of my friends got transferred to Quevedo so now I’m pretty sad about not getting a transfer over there. But after a long time waiting, I got my transfer. I am now in the Prosperina zone, in the Gallegos Lara sector. In case you don’t know where that is, I’m now in the city of Guayaquil. And want to know what’s awesome about it? It’s the same sector that Elder Frye was born in! I checked the area book and we have a couple of people in our program with his name on the teaching records. And on top of that, I’m a step daddy! My companion has only been here for 6 weeks. So while I’m not training, I’m pretty darn close. It should be fun anyway. Well I have to go so good luck with your week and do something interesting.

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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