Last Thanksgiving Day in Ecuador

Written by admin on December 1st, 2009

¡Hola familia!

Sup guys! How was the turkey? What’s it like to have a vacation? I remember those days. Sort of. I personally didn’t have any turkey but it wasn’t a big deal because I have never been a big turkey fan anyway. I did manage the apple pie though. Man was that a mess. The whole story is this. I went to the bread store and asked them to make the fore mentioned pie and they said, “Ok but we will need more time. I don’t think your order will be ready today,” and I said, “No, it has to be today; if its any day after today it doesn’t matter!” But they insisted that it takes a long time to make 200 pies. Um…yeah. I don’t know how that little mix up came about. Luckily they still had not started making the pies so I wasn’t stuck with a 500 dollar bill. That would have been really bad. And then I learned that they were confused as to what exactly I wanted them to make; but after 20 min of explaining, again, what a pie is, I made them understand. Finally, I had my order. That night I went back to pick it up and it was awesome. Really. I was surprised. I didn’t think it would turn out but they made a legit apple pie based off of my explanation. My Spanish must be getting good. The only difference is that the pie they made me was square instead of round but it was close enough. Then I had to go buy some vanilla ice cream, of course, because apple pie without vanilla ice cream is a sin. It’s like using tennis shoes without socks—you just don’t do it. Anyway, then we bought a pizza for the main course (Hawaiian) and Elder Muhlestein said that if we were buying all this food we might as well buy some rolls because that’s an important part of thanksgiving too. I concurred so we returned to the bread shop and bought some rolls. It turned out to be a really good meal. We put on my CD of Christmas music on acoustic guitar and ate food and talked about Thanksgivings past. That was possible because Elder Rodriquez celebrates thanksgiving. As it turns out parts of Mexico celebrate it; who knew? It was however Elder Barrientos’ first thanksgiving. He enjoyed it. We took a bunch of pictures and stuff and ate lots of food. We even had leftovers. We didn’t manage to eat all of the pie. So it was a proper thanksgiving because if you eat a Thanksgiving [meal] and you don’t have leftovers, you didn’t make enough food. The cool part was that the clean up for our meal was 5 min. I bet none of you spent that little in the clean up. All in all I really enjoyed it. You don’t have Thanksgivings like that too many times in your life, that’s for sure. And the best part is, since that was my last thanksgiving as a missionary, I will never work Thanksgiving day ever again. I have to tell you, it’s really annoying to work all day knowing that there are millions of people in the United States, including my family and friends, who are not doing anything besides eating and talking. But seriously, I did have a good Thanksgiving. In total the pie cost 7 dollars, the pizza 9 dollars, the vanilla ice cream 3 dollars, and the rolls 40 cents (10 cents per roll), in case you were wondering. We had to be pretty careful with our money for a couple weeks in order to pay for it all. I went to bed a little hungry once or twice because of it. But it was worth it.

So I saw the picture of Kayla and I have to say, she loses. She looks just the same as when I left! And I thought you guys were going to send a picture of Thanksgiving, what happened with that? Oh well. Oh so news on Cecilio—we found him. And he still wants to get baptized. Hurrah! So he has a baptismal date for the 12th of December. I hope it happens but we are going to have to work hard because his life is a little out of whack still.

But we have been working hard. We had the best numbers in the zone this week. Except for that big fat zero for our baptisms this week. But hopefully that will change Saturday. I guess I forgot to tell you about zone conference. It was good, but it didn’t do anything to help my feelings that the lack of baptisms for me and my district are my fault. I walked away thinking, “Well, there is a lot of things I am doing wrong as a district leader.” But its ok; I’m not depressed about it. I guess I came off a little down in my last letter. That’s what mom says anyway. It’s just, that’s the kind of stuff I worry about these days. I really am happy. Just a little busy is all. Ok well I hope you are doing good. I can’t believe I will talk to you guys in a few weeks. It’s been what, 6 or 7 months since I talked to you guys? That’s a long time. Have a good week folks!

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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