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Written by admin on May 31st, 2010

¡Hola familia!

Guess what? Its transfer day! Guess what? I got transferred! For the last time I’m sure. I’m too old to keep moving around the mission like this. Ha ha. I’m not even sure where to start. I had a rather adventurous week; full of danger and mystery. And when I say “danger and mystery,” I mean “paper work and elders causing me trouble.” I don’t know why but I really have learned to enjoy this sort of stuff; being zone leader really is a blast. Monday night Elder Peña calls and tells me he is sick and needs to go to the doctor. It rained all day a couple weeks back and he had been sick pretty much since then. So he called and tells me that he isn’t feeling well and wanted to go to a doctor…right now. And I was thinking, “seriously dude, couldn’t you have called me in the morning when I wasn’t tired and about to go to bed?” Apparently he couldn’t. So after calling Sister Gamboa and having a loverly chat about clinics, money, and sick elders; it was decided that Elder Peña did in fact need to go to the doctor right then. And since I was the guy with the money (because last Sunday sister Gamboa gave me the $150 and Monday it was still in my possession), my comp and I had to go to Elder Peña’s house, and I took him to the doctor. Basically, I was babysitting but that’s what Sister Gamboa felt the most comfortable with, so that’s what we did. I guess because it was so late at night and we were walking the streets of Portoviejo with $150 in my pocket. That part did make me a little nervous but everything turned out ok. So after buying a lot of pills and after the doctor stuck a couple of needles in Elder Peña’s…um…well let’s just say he got a couple of injections and leave it at that. So anyway, I didn’t end up getting back to the apartment until after midnight. The good news is Elder Peña is now doing much better, the bad news is that the trip made me tired.

Then Wednesday we had to go to Coaque (part of Bahia) to do interviews. So we got up at 5:30 a.m. so that I could ride the bus for over 10 hours round trip. That was fun. The good news is that I was so tired that I actually slept quite well for 8 of those 10 hours, which almost never happens. And it wasn’t like I was just on the bus 10 hours strait. It was divided into about two and a half hour segments every time. But every time I would get on the bus and just go to sleep until it was time to get off the bus. I guess it was a testament to how tired I was. Then after that Elder Parkinson and Elder Aracayo got transferred. That made me sad because Elder Parkinson is my buddy. He’s a cool kid. When I came to Portoviejo I saw him be born and now he speaks Spanish and everything. It’s not perfect but he speaks it. Oh yeah, and I had to give him a part of that $150 because he too made a trip to the doctor this week. Luckily I didn’t have to go with him. That trip was his own fault though. So after all of these expenses we had an interesting problem arise because that $150 was supposed to be divided in uneven portions among 6 elders and then a couple of them went to the doctor and most of that money was spent again and then a couple of them got transferred so the whole thing became a mess. Luckily I was able to sort through all my notes and write it down on paper so that Elder Williams won’t kill me for the huge mess created. The problem is that I sent all those facturas and the paper I wrote up with Elder Parkinson when he got transferred and he didn’t give it to the assistants like he was supposed to. And that’s were the story is now. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, if he lost that envelope. We are all in trouble [if he did] though.

So then on Saturday we had a baptism! That was good. Jessica got baptized. We got her and her husband married a couple of weeks ago and Saturday she finally got baptized (her husband is already a member). The baptism went well; people from the ward showed up to help and fun was had by all. Then Sunday was transfer day. Well, they told us transfers anyway. And now I’m sure you are wondering where I am and who I’m with. That’s good. Keep wondering. This is probably my last transfer after all so its important information. Ok here is goes. I got transferred to…Guayaquil! My new zone is Orquideas, in the sector by the same name. And guess what? My new companion is Elder Janampa! He was in Babahoyo when I was born and now I’m going to kill him because he goes home after this change! I’ve never killed anyone before; it’s pretty exciting.

In terminal I saw my kid Elder Muhlestein. He was pretty happy to see me. I think he missed his dad. Well, I could keep talking for a while but I’m running out of time and I need to do some other stuff before my internet time is up so good bye, have a great summer. I can’t believe Kayla finished high school. She looks so grown up in her senior pics. I can’t believe my little sis is all grown up and going off to college. And Allison is going into high school this year. That’s just scary. Poor kid. Oh well it’s for the best.

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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