Change and Mirrors

Written by admin on June 15th, 2010

¡Hola familia!

I just saw the video of Andrea doing backstroke and accidentally getting turned around. She made it half way back to start didn’t she? Ha ha. That was pretty funny. I also thought the idea of mom going to Girls Camp and sleeping in tents this week sounded funny too. In fact, I find that even funnier than the video of Andrea. Even in her letter to me, mom tried to justify the camping trip. She said something like, “It’s going to be fun and it will go by fast anyway.”  Riggght! Sure mom. Who are you trying to kid? We all know you hate camping. Don’t worry mom.  I will pray for you.

So things here have been going…well…sort of like Andrea’s backstroke. The new missionaries finally arrived, a week and a half late, but they got here. And we have also had 3 other changes throughout the week.  Making a total of 6 changes in the zone, 2 new sister missionaries, 1 new elder and 3 changes, and this transfer cycle is well underway. I have never seen anything like it that’s for sure.

Living in a house of 6 is still crazy as well. It’s kind of a good thing though because that extra set of missionaries that we have living in the house is the elder that is training and his kid so we have had the chance to keep an eye on the new guy and help guide/shove him in the right direction. He is from Argentina but not anywhere near the part where Nathan is serving—I asked.  And it’s funny because he is fresh off the plane so he still has a strong Argentine accent.  Everyone in the house has been walking around saying stuff like “sho” and “asha” instead of “yo” and “alla”. It’s ridiculously entertaining. Having two other gringos in the house has also lead to a lot of English speaking as well. It’s made me realize a lot of interesting things about my own spoken English since it has been so long since I have spoken it regularly.  At first, my English was pretty good, but I quickly slipped back into the bad speaking habits from before.  For example, I can’t believe how many times we are capable of using the word “dude” in a sentence.  I’m not the only one, all three of us do it, and it’s ridiculous.

Hey guess what? I totally saw Elder Elwood again. I couldn’t believe it, every time I thought I had seen him for the last time, he shows up again. He and Elder Eaton showed up to deliver our pouch to us at district meeting on Thursday—the very day he was leaving. The idea popped into my head that I should ask him for a few of his white shirts so that I could be cheap and not have to buy any, but he wouldn’t do it. He said his shirts are way too big for me. Luckily Elder Eaton told me I could have his; hopefully he came through for me and I will get them in pouch tomorrow. It’s weird to know that Elder Elwood is no longer Elder Elwood; he is just…Elwood. I guess he is probably somewhere in Utah right now hanging out with (Elder) Mitton and not eating rice.

Ok, so my time is almost up. And I don’t know what else to say. Not a big news week I guess. I did get a new mirror for the house though. We needed it because the mirror we had was cracked and old and was so fuzzy it hardly counted as a mirror. It’s news that we got a new one because it’s not exactly a new mirror; I found it in the garbage. We were going home one night and I noticed a broken mirror in the garbage and the thought crossed my mind, “How lame, that broken mirror in the garbage is better than the mirror we have in the house…HEY that mirror is better than the one we have in the house!” We went back in the morning and luckily it was still there, so I hauled off a few good sized chunks. Once I had washed the nasty off and gotten my new mirrors installed (in other words, taped to the wall with packing tape) I was quite proud of myself.

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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