Turning 21 This Week–The End is Near

Written by admin on June 28th, 2010

¡Hola familia!

Well it’s Monday. I think that’s good. So the good news is Manuel got baptized. Hurrah! He kind of scared us for a minute, but at the end he showed up and everything went well. We also had a second baptism the same night; his name is Damian and we have been working with his family since the second day I got here. His family had changed wards a few months back but never started going to church in their new ward and we sort of stumbled into them, got them to come back to church, and baptized their son. The baptism was good with only a few minor difficulties. When we went to fill the font in the morning there was a couple inches of dirty water in the font for some reason and we couldn’t get the pump thingy to drain the font all the way, so with a couple of mops and buckets we manually drained it the rest of the way then filled it back up with clean water. That took a couple of hours but we got the job done. Then the baptism itself was pretty quality. The talks were good; the baptisms were good, we laughed, we cried, we bummed some food from the ward activity being held at the same time; all was good with the world.

In other news, we had interviews with the president. That was good [but made me] kind of trunky though. The entire interview we just talked about all the stuff I have accomplished in my mission and my plans for after the mission.

Last night the assistants called and told us that we would be doing service in the temple today. So that was cool. We went and did laundry, which normally would be lame but it was in the temple, so that made it cool. Afterwards we took a couple of pictures outside the temple. I think they turned out well. Other than that I’m not sure what i can tell you. It’s been sort of a boring week. I will say that I was looking at Elder Dayton’s iPod the other day (he has an iPod loaded with church music, which is allowed in our mission) and my mind was almost blown away. That thing does everything! It’s even got a pedometer! I have no idea why an iPod would need a pedometer, but it’s got one. It’s also got a camera and a couple other thingamabobs as well. It’s like some sort of spy device. I was impressed. iPod? This is no iPod this is a spypod.

Hmm. I just tried to upload my pictures but its not letting me. How annoying. I’m sure mom will be even more annoyed; she has been asking me to send pictures for a month now. Oh well, that’s life, or that’s Ecuador anyway. I wish I had more news for you guys this week but it’s sort of been an ordinary week. I walked a bunch, we taught some lessons, I tried to keep the zone running smoothly (without much success), and we slept. At least, I assume we slept, though I can’t really remember actually sleeping. Ok well, it’s time for me to go. Saturday is my bday so the next time I write you, I will be 21. That’s weird–man I’m old.

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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