Elder Janampa, A Great Missionary, Goes Home

Written by admin on July 12th, 2010

¡Hola familia!

Today is a sad day in the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission—Elder Janampa went home. He tried to extend his mission one more change but they wouldn’t let him. So today I dropped him off in the mission offices and got a new companion. Also, both Elder Dayton and Elder Hasvold got transferred. This last change we did a lot of work and had a lot of fun. It was one of the highlights of my mission for sure; it’s sad to see it end. It was also really hard to see Elder Janampa go home because he was a great missionary and he was pretty worried about what he is going to do when he gets back. Watching him I felt like I was looking at my future in a month and I gotta say, it didn’t make me very excited about going home. Elder Janampa was definitely one of my favorite companions. I hope things work out for him. We had a pretty good last week this week and finished it off Sunday doing a training meeting to teach the ward mission leaders and ward missionaries in the stake. It went well. I’m not exactly sure if any of them will actually apply the stuff we taught but hey, at least we made the effort. We also created a new record for the stake (with help from one of the stake president’s councilors) that the ward mission leaders will have to use to register the efforts of the mission leaders and ward missionaries. I’m proud of it. Now the ward mission leaders will have to report their efforts every week to a member of the stake presidency, so they are going to have to know the investigators and recent converts better. They will also be more responsible for visiting these people as well. I’m sure it will take a while to get the wards used to using it but the stake presidency in Orquideas is awesome and they will be diligent about getting them to use it for sure.

So my new companion is Elder Tituaña from Otavalo (here in Ecuador). I’ve met him before; he was in my zone when I was in Jipijapa. Not that it’s too surprising that I know him. After almost 23 months I do seem to know a lot of elders. I’m stoked about having a companion from Otavalo. My entire mission I have wanted to learn Quechua. I have a book of Mormon in Quechua and everything, but I have never had anyone that could explain it to me. I tried to figure it out on my own but the grammar is crazy. I could only figure out what a few of the words mean. The bad news is that I will only have 4 weeks to learn it—just my luck. But hopefully he will help me get a good start and I will be able to study it on my own once I get a base. I’m also kind of worried that, now that Elder Janampa is gone, I won’t be able to find my way around this sector. I’m terrible with directions as it is but this sector is bad; every street looks exactly the same. The only thing that is going to save me is that here in Guayaquil the houses actually have block and house numbers, something that the rest of Ecuador doesn’t have. So if worse comes to worse, I can just wander around until I run into the block number I’m looking for.

Ok well, I’m done writing. To close I would just like to share with you the scripture that is my theme for the next month. I have it written in Spanish on my planner but the following is the rough translation:

“Let us work diligently, because if we cease to work, we will fall under condemnation. Because we have a work to do while in this tabernacle of clay, that we may defeat the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.”
(Moroni 9:6)

Te quiero,
Elder Walke

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